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What if we could give each other the gift of hope, joy, & friendship?

Dec 02, 2020

When I was 8 years old, my neighbor (who was a teacher) gave me a gift that blessed me for a lifetime.

Her name was Iris. She often invited me to come over to her house to help her bake bread. I would always bring her the latest poem that I had written as a gift.

For Christmas that year, she gave me a blank book engraved with the words: POEMS BY MINDY HURT.

I still have that book.

It spoke to me in a way that changed the way I saw myself. It said, "Keep writing." It said, "You are good at this." Most of all, it said, "I believe in you."

  • What if the greatest gift we can give each other is the encouragement to continue developing our gifts and talents?
  • What if we give the gift of encouragement and support during times of self-doubt and fear?
  • What if these gifts give us something to hang on to when we feel like giving up? What if they truly change our lives for the better?

What are the gifts that have left a lasting impression in your heart?

Join us for #whatifwednesday to share stories, ideas, and inspiration to make the 2020 holiday season a time of connection, encouragement, and love.


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