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Emerging in Gratitude...

May 26, 2021

Are you ready?

After 14 months of isolating, distancing, and hunkering down at home, I feel the joy and relief of the "Great Emergence." Do you feel it, too?

Despite all the limitations, restrictions, and hardships of the past year, I emerge firmly grounded in gratitude.

Before we spring into this new month, this new season, and this new beginning, I want to seize this opportunity to say "THANK YOU."

  • THANK YOU for being part of this community of hope and possibility.
  • THANK YOU for joining me in bringing optimism, creativity, and (dare I say it?) fun to a time that has been so fraught with challenges. 
  • THANK YOU for bringing your light, your spark, and your dreams to our What If UP Club

Because of you, this has been a year filled with purpose, passion, love, laughter and joy.... beyond what I could have ever imagined!

Today's #WhatIfWednesday check-in is all about "emerging in gratitude":

  • What if we pause for a moment today to celebrate a blossoming of the spirit?
  • What if the new month brings an opportunity to come back together with deeper wisdom, greater compassion, and renewed purpose?

What are YOU grateful for today? How are YOU re-emerging in gratitude? Connect with and bathe in the deliciousness of  appreciation!


Soak UP the energy of APPRECIATION!


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