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How to Navigate Uncertainty

Feb 24, 2021

Sure, it's nice to "know it all". Yep, it can be a little disconcerting to NOT know what we're doing, where we're going or how to get there. But what if we take a moment on this #WhatIfWednesday to celebrate the "not knowing"?

As I watched the landing of the Mars Perseverance Rover and those first incredible pictures of another planet, it made me wonder:

  • What if we could approach the unknowns in our own lives with eagerness and enthusiasm?
  • What if we celebrate the curiosity that leads us into uncharted territory?
  • What if all of our growth and expansion lives today in the realm of what we do not yet know?

As the first photos of Mars were being transmitted to Master Control, one very emotional engineer said these words:

"This is really amazing. We even know where we landed. We figured it out. NASA works. When we put our hearts together, and our hands together, and our brains together, we can succeed. This is what we can do as a country for all of the problems we have. We need to work together. Persevere. Persevere."

Yes, there are still a LOT of unknowns billowing around us. What if we take a lesson from our rocket scientists? 

Persevere. New discoveries are on your horizon.


How do YOU embrace the unknown?

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