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Got Intentions for the New Year? We want to cheer you on!

Jan 06, 2021

I've got a big question for you...

By now, you've probably written down your goals, intentions and resolutions for the new year. But did you take the next step?

STEP 1: Identify goals, desires and/or intentions.

STEP 2: Tell someone who believes in you.

STEP 3: Cheer each other on as you take action each day.

  • What if the reason most people fail to honor their resolutions is simply because they lack accountability and encouragement?
  • What if you share your intentions with people who believe in you and who trust that anything is possible?
  • What if you proactively reach out to people you care about to find out what they want to create in the new year so you can cheer them on at every step?

As we step into the light of a New Year, this is your reminder that you are part of a fun and transformational tribe of #whatifuppers. We are here for you with pom poms poised, ready to cheer for you as you step into the new year.

I'm excited to hear what you're cookin' up this year. What if we help each other bring joy to the process?


Check-in with our #WhatIfUP Tribe!


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