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What if we could ease the stress of "not knowing"?

Nov 04, 2020

Must. Peek. At. My. Phone... Again.

Feeling a bit obsessed with election news today? Having a hard time focusing on anything other than the latest updates?

We all know it's not good for our mental health or our productivity... yet the discomfort of swimming in the unknown can be a powerful seductress.

  • What if we take a deep breath and find peace in the present moment?
  • What if we take extra time for self-care and activities that allow our minds to take a hiatus from the latest news?
  • What if we use this opportunity to practice mental and emotional mastery?

What could YOU do today to tend to your mental and emotional well-being? 

Sometimes, all it takes is a new idea, an inspired possibility, or a compassionate word of encouragement to shift into a more resourceful state.

Join us in a joyful journey of self-empowerment and unrelenting optimism... regardless of what we read in the headlines.

We're here for each other. And that's good news!

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