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Neighbors Helping Neighbors...

Feb 05, 2020

This week, a shoe store in Belfast, Maine, had a #GoodIdea. According to the Bangor Daily News, it began with a simple thought:

"What if the 188-year-old shoe store, which proudly calls itself the oldest of its kind in America, could do something else to help customers afford new shoes year round?"

Here's what the owner posted on the store's Facebook Page:

"We understand tough times hit everyone. Today we are introducing the PAY WHAT YOU CAN RACK. I will do my best to keep it stocked with stuff for men women and kids. Leave nothing or leave $100 bucks it’s up to you. Hopefully this helps some folks out."

Word got out, and people quickly started filling up the store... most leaving with new shoes for their kids. Others stopped by simply to make a donation and show their support. According to store owner Steve Colby, the positive response has been overwhelming.

  • What if we proactively look for ways to use our gifts and resources to help people through difficult times?
  • What if it only takes a simple act of kindness and charity to renew someone's hope when they need it the most?
  • What if the things we do to help our community return to us multiplied and in ways that surpass our wildest imagination? 

This week for "What If Wednesday," I invite you to explore new possibilities for how you can use your talents, resources and imagination to make a difference in your community. Share your #whatifup ideas with us and keep us posted on what happens!

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On a mission of Love,
Mendhi Audlin
Author of "What If It All Goes RIGHT?"


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“Take care of your neighbors, and basically your neighbors will take care of you. It’s a real simple concept."
- Colby Horne, 5th Generation owner of Colburn Shoe Store in Belfast, Maine.

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