"It's bringing us closer together..."

(This story came to me privately through my Facebook page.  I am sharing it with permission, but not sharing names to protect their privacy...)

"I wanted to share a bit about the impact your book about what if upping has had on my life. My 18 year old daughter and I have been experiencing harassment that has included police intervention and through it all, I have thought . . .what if no matter what happens, I can be a source of courage and inspiration for my daughter? What if this brings us closer together?

Last night, after talking with the RCMP again after the latest round of fabricated accusations, my daughter said that while it seemed like the person who is doing this to us wants to drive a wedge between us, it is doing the opposite, it is bringing us closer together.

Thank you for sharing your experience and wisdom of What If Upping. It has truly changed my life."

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A Cancer Survivor Shares Her Inspiring Story of Saying "Yes!" to Life

I always love it when an email arrives from someone who has read my book "What If It All Goes RIGHT?"  Especially when I hear how people are taking ideas from the book and putting them into practice in their lives.

Last month, an email arrived that practically knocked me off my feet.  I met Susie Leonard Weller 9 months earlier as part of a training I delivered for ministries.  

Susie was a delight.  We hit it off at the training.  I assumed she was busy at work bringing small groups to her church.

Then I got the email.

What I didn't know was that Susie is a Stage 3 Colon Cancer survivor.  

What I also didn't know was that 2 weeks after we met, two of her friends from her treatment process who also had cancer died within days of each other. What happened next for Susie is an inspiration to us all and a prime example of our power to turn tragedy into triumph.

Check out my interview with Susie this week as she shares her incredible journey into peace,...

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"What If Upping" in Uganda

Hello miss Mendhi,
I just finished reading your book, "What If It All Goes Right?" and I just can't believe the inspiration. I feel my ideas are standing right on top of a spring ready to turn into reality.

I dearly want to thank you for the great work you always do. May the Almighty God bless you and the work of your hands.

Kind regards
Jonah OJUR

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The Rest of the Story - A Special Relationship with Mom

You may remember Holly from Chapter 18 of my book, "What If It All Goes RIGHT?"  It's been seven years since the book first came out.  This year, I received a special email with Holly to continue her inspiring journey:

"Hi! I know that we haven't chatted in a while, but FB reminded me the other day that it was your birthday, and when I thought of you, I felt that I should share something with you.

You know all about how you helped me help my mother in the hospital and they thought she wasn't going to make it. She still thanks me for saving her life almost every time she sees me.

Well, last weekend, they thought that my 76 yr old dad, who has always been healthy and physically able, was having a stroke. He couldn't walk, and he was talking giberish.

My brother drove him to the hospital and called to tell my mom to come quick because he was getting worse. She called me from the next state over to tell me, and she was hysterical, terrified that she would never get to speak...

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I "What If Upped" my Internet Service Provider!

Thank you, Carol, for sharing an empowering way to use "What If Upping" to move through a frustrating situation:

"Hi Mendhi,

I met you at Unity on the Avenue and just had to share this with you. I have had some pretty unpleasant experiences with <my internet service provider>. I won't go into detail but it usually entails at least an hour on the phone to resolve and tons of frustration.

My internet promotion was expiring and I found myself dreading calling them about a new promotion. I finally started what if upping; What if it's a pleasant call? What if I get an even better deal than I have now? What if this is a completely different experience than I've ever had with them?

Bottom line:  I got a great representative who got me an even better deal than I had before.

Thanks for the inspiration! I see you're all rested and refreshed and doing some interesting things. Enjoy!
Carol O'Dwyer
Denver, Colorado

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