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Build Community. Inspire resilience.

Create positive change.

All while you generate additional revenue for your business.

What if it's easier than you ever imagined?

Join our "What If" UP Ambassadors Program and use your gifts and talents to lead "What If" UP programs that build your community and grow your business. Let us show you a step-by-step roadmap to success!

Join our team of transformational leaders

For more than 20 years, I have facilitated small groups of people, united in a common desire to help each other and to receive support in stepping into their next level of life experience. 

As we move into this time of unprecedented change, the need for heart-centered facilitators to bring people together - virtually and in local venues - has never been greater.

If you have a passion for bringing hope and possibility to the people in your community, we would love to hear from you.

What if this is the beginning of an incredible adventure of growth and discovery?

Mendhi Audlin


We help people come together to navigate hardships, overcome challenges, and step into new, inspiring possibilities.

Based on the principles from the book, "What If It All Goes RIGHT?" by Mendhi Audlin, we have developed a fun, easy-to-facilitate structure for bringing people together in a positive, productive environment that fosters hope, inspiration and innovation.

Using the power of the "Mastermind Principle" first coined by Napoleon Hill in his classic book, "Think and Grow Rich," our "What If" UP gatherings help your participants navigate challenges, rebound from hardship, and build empowering relationships that help them move forward with their goals and dreams.

Our "What If" UP Certified Ambassadors are trained and certified to lead our signature events:

"Possibilities Parties" - Introductory events

"What If" UP Circles Series based and membership driven events.

"What If" UP Mastermind GroupsPrograms for entrepreneurs and business leaders.

"What If" MeetUPsNetworking and socializing events.

Who is it for?

The "What If" UP process has been tested and perfected over the past two decades with groups of all sizes and backgrounds. We are looking for Ambassadors who can bring the process to the people you love to serve as a way of helping us bring more and more good ideas to life!

Who makes a GREAT Ambassador?

  • Life Coaches & Business Coaches
  • Wellness Practitioners
  • Spiritual Leaders
  • Teachers/Counselors
  • Student Leaders
    (College/High School with a Mentor)
  • Corporate Trainers
  • Workshop Leaders
  • Retreat Facilitators
  • Network Marketing Team Leaders
  • Fundraising and Sales Team Leaders
  • People who are passionate about helping others and making a difference!

The "What If" UP process has been used successfully with groups including:

  • Professional Networking Groups
  • Wellness Practitioners 
  • Spiritual Centers
  • Student Groups and Campus Leadership
  • Educators
  • Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners
  • Business Leaders
  • Civic Groups
  • Social Causes
  • And more!

Become a "What If" UP Certified Ambassador.

Start today with our self-paced online course, then connect with us live each week for additional support and clarification. Supplement your training with weekly "Office Hours" and monthly "Leadership Huddles" to help you build and grow successful groups.

Keep 100% of the profits you make.

It's possible to see a return on your investment with your first event! Plus, we can help you build passive residual income streams by referring others into the Network and other courses. Here's how it works:

Online Training Course

Learn how to run, promote, and grow, your own "What If" UP groups. Our Licensing & Certification Course contains 8 learning modules, a "graduation" lesson, and a bonus module to help you prepare for your first events. ($1997 value)

Private Facebook Group

You'll gain access to our private Facebook group, where you can ask questions, share resources, and be able to "What If" UP with other Ambassadors. ($300 value)

LIVE Zoom Training with Mendhi

You'll receive 4-Weeks of Live Zoom Training & coaching with Mendhi. Mendhi will train you on two modules each week, so you have the know-how and the hands-on experience you need to be successsful. ($997 value)

Weekly Office Hours Q&A

We want to make sure your events are fun, engaging, and you never feel stuck.  So when you have a question you can post it right in our Facebook Group and have an answer in 24-48 hours.($300 value)

Marketing & Event Materials

You'll receive marketing and event materials to successfully promote your events. Posters, flyers, social media graphics and even confirmation email templates are all included as part of your certification course. ($497 value)

First Year Licensing Fee

Once you are a certified "What If" UP Ambassador, you are able to use the "What if" UP name, logo, badges, and branding for your events. Your first year license is included in your training fee. ($97 Value)

How Long Does it Take for Your Investment to Pay for Itself?

Use our ROI Calculator below, to see how fast you can make your investment back, based on the number of participants and events per month.

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During this time of historic unemployment levels and financial uncertainty, there are three key areas you can't afford to scale back:

1) Invest in your physical, mental & emotional wellbeing.

2) Invest in your personal and professional development.

3) Invest in establishing supplemental income streams.

As a "What If" UP Ambassador, you will be leading a process that enriches all three areas, at a time when we need it the most.

Janet Redford, Prosperity Coach

"I believe, as a coach, that I serve my clients well in helping to create shifts in mindset and their personal momentum. Using the 'What If' UP process is like bringing a power tool into my office that helps move things with impact."

100% Money Back Guarantee

Register for our "What If" UP Ambassador Certification Program  at absolutely NO RISK to you you!  Try it out for 30-days, and if you don't feel like this is the right decision for you, let us know, and we'll give you a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Mendhi Audlin

For more than 20 years, Mendhi Audlin has been speaking to audiences around the world about the power to shift to your mindset and bring good ideas to life!

The author of "What If It All Goes RIGHT? Creating a New World of Peace, Prosperity & Possibility," Mendhi has worked with student leaders, corporate executives, women's groups, non-profit organizations, multi-level marketing teams, spiritual communities, and countless others to inspire collaborative thinking and creative problem solving.

Her "What If" UP Ambassador Certification program is providing business opportunities for people to share the "What If" UP process around the world to help people connect more deeply while building mental and emotional resilience and creative problem-solving abilities.

Most recently, Mendhi has released the "What If" UP Monthly Planner as a way of providing a daily structure for exploring possibilities, setting intentions, and reviewing progress along the way.

Mendhi lives outside of Denver, Colorado with her husband, their daughter, and two rescue mutts.

Help yourself as you help others.

We love our Ambassadors and we get giddy with excitement as we see you learn and grow with your groups. This process is transformational. It is life-changing. It inspires happiness, and created lasting connections.

It all starts here and now with you. Let's begin!