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Hi, I'm Mendhi!

My passion is empowering people to line UP with the mindset, the resources, and the community to bring their good ideas to life!

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The "What If" UP Club is home to forward-thinking people who leverage their creativity to joyfully solve real-world problems and create positive change.
Here's what you receive when you join The What If UP Club: 

Private Discussion Group

This is a vibrant community where you can practice what you're learning, share your intentions, and reach out for ideas and inspiration.

Join a Local Group

Connect with like-minded people in your area and discover the power of our group process. 

Start a Local Group

Don't have a local group near you? What if you start one!? Club Members are eligible to start local What If UP Groups.  Our next leadership training opportunities are coming in January 2022!

For as little as $10 per month, you can help us bring the #WhatIfUP philosophy and programs to people around the world.

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 Visit our one-stop shop for great resources to support your journey and spread your enthusiasm for optimism, hope and the power of possibility! 

The Book

Dive into the book that launched the Movement! Step into a new way of thinking with Mendhi Audlin's book, "What If It All Goes RIGHT?"

Monthly Planner

Turn your ideas into daily inspired actions using our "What If" UP Monthly Planner. Track your success as you bring your good ideas to life!

Visioning Journal

Our DoodleUP Visioning Journal offers a unique process for setting intentions and clarifying your best-case-scenarios.

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