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Upliftment. Possibilities.

What if you had a community of people ready to support you and cheer you on as you imagine new possibilities for yourself and your year?

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Be part of our "What If' UP Community

We have three easy ways to join us...


Are you ready to "What If" UP with others to create possibilities for each other and provide UPliftment?  Then join one of our local "What If" Up groups!


Want to start your own "What If" UP group where you are?  Our Ambassador program is a great way to create community and get training on how to host a group in your area.


Join Mendhi on a LIVE call every week, as she "What If" UP's with you and the group to create possibilities and inspire action!

Inspiration From Our Blog...

"This is off the charts fun, high energy, and beyond creative. I got upgrades to my desires that amazed and delighted me, and led to fabulous real world results."

Joe Vitale
Star of "The Secret"

"As I started to read the book, I began to discover step by step, at my own pace, how to bring peace and new and better possibilities into my life."

Eva Kaluska

"We started this class at Unity of Bandon and it's the best-attended, most exciting class we've done in 17 years."

Rev. Robin Haruna
Unity of Bandon, Oregon

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